Spotlight on Intelligent Skincare versus Age

No need for celebrity endorsement! The successful results of our products present themselves!

The recent launch of our very own cosmeceutical range of anti-ageing skincare is proving to be a great success with really positive feedback from real people.

Just read our some of our  testimonials

I am now using all four products in the VS-AGE range and I have to say I am amazed at the results. I was a user of Clarins for years but the active ingredients in the VS-AGE range give me the results I need and for the same price“. Anne

The lines around my eyes have significantly reduced since using the Eye Refine and the skin on my cheeks looks and feels much smoother and tighter since using the Recover & Renew night cream. My £130 jar of Crème de La Mer is now in the cupboard unfinished as I am getting better results with these products that are more than half the price” Jackie

I have just returned from a two week visit to Australia. I used the Protect & Revive 50 everyday and did not suffer any redness, burning or dryness, which is great as I have a dry and sensitive skin. In the past I have had to use my normal moisturiser plus a sun screen which caused blocked pores and my skin to break out. I did not have any of these problems using the VS-AGE cream”. Michelle

Rejuvenetics VS-AGE Very Intelligent Skincare versus Age

Produced in conjunction with Harley Street Clinicians and used by Harley Street Clinicians

NOT tested on animals

DO NOT contain any animal by-products


Parabens Free

Suitable for sensitive skin



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