Breaking Beauty Myths Part 1

What do we really have to put on our skin to make it look young and feel its best? There are so many products to choose from wouldn’t it be nice to know which ones are necessary? Over complicated routines and using too many products can make looking after our skin a chore and over expensive Our anti-aging beauty routine IS SIMPLER THAN YOU THINK.

Morning routine

There are really only two things you need to do for your skin in the morning, People think you have to wash your face morning and evening. All you have to do is splash your face with water or use a mineral water mist spray, then apply an anti-ageing serum and a good moisturiser with sun protection.

Apply a serum.

Serums are light but concentrated, with very active ingredients that sink further into your skin than a moisturiser. Antioxidants like vitamin C help with hyper pigmentation (dark spots) and support collagen production,  hyaluronic and salicylic acid work to stimulate collagen, hydrate and plump the skin and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Moisturiser with sun protection

People think they only need sun protection on their skin when they go to the beach, but UVA/UVB rays are there all year. You’re exposed to rays even through glass sitting by a window or in the car. When looking for a moisturiser with sun protection, ensure it is at least SPF 30. Most moisturisers with sun protection only have an  SPF of 15.


Evening routine

Cleanse your face. It is essential that you remove dirt and make-up that can block pores. Don’t waste money buying over expensive facial cleansers; you just need something you like that is going to clean your skin. Save your pennies for products that will be staying on your face and nourishing your skin. Use a flannel to wash with as this helps to remove dead skin cells that make your skin dull and dry.

Apply a retinol or anti-ageing  serum . “Retinol (Vit A) is the anti- ageing ingredient with a capital A. It helps prevent and treat fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots

Moisturise and nourish. After applying a retinol serum or an anti-aging serum, you need to hydrate the skin. You need a moisturiser that will be absorbed into the skin overnight leaving the skin feeling plump and fresh in the morning. Use a lighter moisturiser for around the eyes as heavier ones can create puffiness in the skin around the eyes.


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