Tips for youthful hands this Winter !

Posted on: 30/11/17

Winter can be extra hard on hands so here are a few tips to keep your skin supple and moisturised: 1. Wear cosy gloves in extra cold weather and protective gloves when washing up or gardening etc 2. Wash hands with a soap that is for sensitive skin with moisturising properties such as aloe vera, coconut or...
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Spotlight on Intelligent Skincare versus Age

Posted on: 09/05/17

No need for celebrity endorsement! The successful results of our products present themselves! The recent launch of our very own cosmeceutical range of anti-ageing skincare is proving to be a great success with really positive feedback from real people. Just read our some of our  testimonials ”...
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Rejuvenetics Own Very Intelligent Skin Care

Posted on: 08/12/16

With our discerning clientele in mind we have now created our own range of Very Intelligent Skin Care Versus Age,   VS-AGE  by Rejuvenetics. Our launch saw us sell out of our first batch products with rave reviews from our clients who have been using it since. VS-AGE products use a carefully selected...
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Breaking the Beauty Myths Part 3

Posted on: 02/10/16

SHAVING MAKES HAIR GROW BACK THICKER! FALSE I remember my wonderful Nan saying to me in the soft tones of her Geordie accent, ”You will rue the day you start shaving your legs, they will grow back thicker”. As it happened (and much to my horror) they did appear to be growing back thicker BUT the...
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Breaking Beauty Myths Part 2

Posted on: 05/09/16

GOOD TO KNOW – REJUVENETICS PRODUCTS DO NOT CONTAIN MICRO-BEADS!!! Not only have microbeads been discovered to be damaging our vital ocean life BUT they are not good for our skin either. Regular exfoliation is good for our skin but synthetic microbeads can be too abrasive making skin sensitive and...
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Breaking Beauty Myths Part 1

Posted on: 05/08/16

What do we really have to put on our skin to make it look young and feel its best? There are so many products to choose from wouldn’t it be nice to know which ones are necessary? Over complicated routines and using too many products can make looking after our skin a chore and over expensive Our anti-aging...
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